Our complete suite of conveying products come with global consultation and support. Our market experts guide you through every step of designing, selecting, fabricating, installing and servicing your conveyor or filtration application.

  • Cambridge customizes and installs conveyor belts

    Belt Installation

    We start every belt installation by removing the old belt and aligning the terminal rolls with a transit. After installing the replacement belt, we provide detailed instructions to the maintenance engineers on techniques to optimize belt performance. Finally, every install includes a technical report and drawings summarizing how to service the belt.

  • Cambridge evaluates conveyor systems to deliver maximum results

    Conveyor System Evaluation

    During an evaluation, we examine the effectiveness of the belt tracking, drive system and support structures; check size, condition, placement and adjustability of shafts and rollers; assess the application and processing environment; and evaluate material, weave and welds of existing belts. We provide a written report summarizing our analysis and recommendations.

  • Cambridge sprockets and custom rollers ensure perfect alignment

    Conveyor Alignment

    During a conveyor alignment, we level and align critical rolls, shafts, bearings, and support members; lock bearing adjustments for continued belt tracking; assure all bearings are free turning; determine if shafts and rollers are worn or damaged and need replacing; and provide permanent alignment reference points for future readjustments upon request.

  • Engineering

    Our team of product engineers can modify or retrofit your current system/s to accommodate our specialty belts and accessories. We also create custom solutions uniquely designed for your operations. We’ve partnered with hundreds of end users and OEMs to engineer proprietary systems. Contact us to schedule a site visit or engineering consultation.

  • Cambridge analyzes


    When you purchase a product from us, you gain the insight and experience of the best technicians in the industry. If you ever experience maintenance issues or equipment failures with our products, we’ll be available for you 24/7/365 to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

  • Training

    We provides customized training and technical assistance on site or as Lunch & Learn seminars. Popular topics include: Symptoms and causes of premature belt failure; conveyor belt alignment; new belt installation procedures; belt maintenance; and selecting the appropriate belt for given applications.