Brewery/Winery Filters

Filtration & Wire ClothBrewery/Winery Filters

Brewery/Winery Filters

Design, performance and materials to match or exceed OEM filtration:

  • Quality filter cloth with proper tension
  • Precision-fit frames or plates
  • Exceptional quality control


  • Filters for use in micro/craft breweries, wineries, artisan vinegar and juice-making
  • New or rescreened leaves for all types of brewery and winery pressure filters, including Velo, Spadoni, Della Toffola and others
  • Fast turnaround for new or rescreened leaves
  • Made in U.S.A., 75 years' of experience
  • Technical assistance available

Tech Specs

Filter Cloth Alloys & Frame Construction

  • Stock filter mesh in T304 and T316 stainless steel
  • All mesh ranges available
  • All cross sections and bottom plate designs available
  • Precision machined nozzles and components







Cambridge provides new or rescreened filters to match the original OEM filtration. You no longer need to return to the manufacturer and wait months to get your unit back in production. Pack up your filters and send them to us for rescreening and repair or have us provide you with brand new filters that match the originals. If you need help or advice about your filtration system, call us and one of our experienced staff will be glad to assist you.


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